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Badagry Indigenes


The group known as United Indigenes of Badagry is determined to show the world the beautiful culture and opportunities in badagry. Conceived in 2008 by Viyon eso Awhanse, Producer /Project manager of the UNITED Indigenes OF BADAGRY, it is designed as an Award/Reunion Celebration which will bring, technocrats ,individuals, consumers, corporations, communities and government agencies together to focus on the historic strengths and traditional values of the BADAGRians. The Group needed a website that would project the image of the Badagry people and also create awareness to indigenes in diaspora.


I designed a website to allow the group showcase badagry to the world and also help indigenes unite. The design was coupled with a strong information architecture and also has a content management system to enable easy update of information on the site. The site development is in phases and is still in its first phase. The complete project will showcase high level information on badagry and a platform for indigenes to interact and unite.

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