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Welcome to my Website

Obinna Nnabuihe

Welcome to my Website. My interests...
Business Analysis, Marketing Strategy, Financial Analysis, Web Applications,Graphics,
Project Mgt,Music. I'm inspired by Design...enjoY!

My Music My Life

The Music Flip

Statistics and research has shown that good designers always have some sort of strong love for music because it inspires their designs.I play the piano and listen to loads music. Jazz while is my fav for coding and doing my designs...

Me & The Environment

Inspired by Nature

I have a degree in Environmental Engineering and Love the environment so much.Some of my designs are inspired by Nature. My blog would also focus on how we can protect the environment for sustainable development.

My Latest Works

  • WAPI Design


    A design was needed for the annual event which features arts, music and poetry. This happened at the time when the ec...

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  • TRF Logo

    The youth group which is also preparing to launch their new website is starting a new campaign with the design of a new Logo to project the TRF Bra...

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Latest Blog Post

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